if you see an anti-sj post or a “stop being offended” post, check the source and there’s a very high chance that the blog falls somewhere between thinly-veiled-racist and full-blown-hitler-worshiper


15 is the age where you either look 11 or like 25




"angel" is my favorite petname

like i am basically calling you terrible and awe-inspiring and unknowable and many-faced, all covered in a thousand blinking eyes and drenched in holy fire

Is this where the SPN fandom takes over the post

no this is where the crappiest fandom on the internet gets its gross white misogynistic queerbaiting man-pain hands off a post i made about my girlfriend

i just remembered that yesterday i resolved to wear a skirt today so i can show off my new tights
guess whos wearing pants

littletonomorals asked:
Here's your wonderful story based on your URL: There once was an animal called something probably, it doesn't exist so it doesn't matter what it's name is. It liked music so it purchased a guitar, by purchased I mean it stole one by growling menacingly and running out with it while the lame humans cowered in fear. Unfortunately, it couldn't play guitar due to the lack of fingers on its inconvenient stumpy legs. It was so disappointed that it fell over and became extinct. The end.
I answered:


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I lied last them I did this because I’m lazy, but I’m bored so I’ll write a 1-3 sentence story for whoever reblogs this based on your icon, URL, or title or something if I actually know you.

These are some high quality stories. You’re missing out.
Likes count just like tell me you want a rad story

I feel like drawing little peeps, you know the marshmallows.



just cause 
anyone want a peep?
I will send you one, reblog, and you shall receive a peep. 

and bonus it will be based on your Icon cause tumblr icons are the best

everyone gets a fricken peep

im just gonna reblog your reblog is your submit box is not open cause im nice<3 its made with love

i love it sooooooo much
thank u marky u da bae